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golden_raisinsCalifornia Gourmet Golden Raisins

California Gourmet golden raisins come from the Fresno-Madera area, in California Central Valley, the main raisin production center in the world. Our raisins are of the Thompson seedless variety, the best seedless green grape for raisin production. The fertile central Valley soil yields a particularly high quality product, favored by the constant sun exposure, which makes the processing minimal. Right after the harvest, California Gourmet golden raisins get quickly oven dried, to avoid the darkening effect of sunlight, and to preserve their naturally sweet and fruity flavor. California Gourmet golden raisins are a healthy and nutritious snack to enjoy right out of the box or to add to your favorite recipes. Available in: 9oz (255g) bag in a box.

honeyCalifornia Gourmet Orange Blossom Honey

Our orange blossom honey comes in 24 oz plastic jars with effective spill-proof closure that allows to use up until the last drop of this amazing product without waste. We harvest our 100% pure natural orange blossom honey from selected California orange orchards. It contains no fillers, artificial colors or flavors. It is Kosher certified by RCC (Rabbinical California Council). Available in: 24oz (1lb 8oz) 680g plastic jar.

California Gourmet Almonds

California Gourmet almonds come from selected California orchards. Minimally processed, rich in fiber, cholesterol-free, they are a healthy snack for the whole family. Available in: 3.5oz (99g) pouches, dry roasted (unsalted) or roasted salted.

prunesCalifornia Gourmet Pitted Prunes

Our California pitted prunes are juicy and plump. They come from selected orchards of the largest prune producing area in the world: the Sacramento Valley, in Northern California. Minimally processed, naturally rich in fiber and antioxidants, low in carbs, and with zero fat and sodium, California Gourmet pitted prunes are ideal for a quick snack or to complement many recipes. Available in: bag in a box, 7oz (200g) net weight.

California Gourmet Macadamia Nuts

California Gourmet macadamia nuts come from several macadamia nut growing countries. We select only the best harvest to go into our pouches. Available in: 3.5 oz (99 gr.) pouches. Dry roasted, salted.

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