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Organic Raisin boxes

California Gourmet Inc. offers a range of retail-package California-grown products.

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We are an organic certified grower and handler by CCOF. Our organic Thompson seedless grapes ranches are located in Madera, in California Central Valley. Thompson seedless grapes are the best variety for raisin-making, which paired with the ideal climate conditions of the fertile California Central Valley account for a first-rate, world-renown product. We utilize only OMRI certified, CCOF allowed products to care for our trees. Beneficial insects represent one of our main pest control methods. Weed control is conducted with mechanical methods, using equipment and personnel, thus totally pesticide-free. We chose to hand-harvest our organic grapes rather than using mechanical harvesting. This allows for less stress for the trees and a better product. California Gourmet organic Thompson seedless raisins are naturally sun-dried and minimally processed. They offer a healthy, portable snack that fits today’s busy lifestyle: ¼ cup of our organic raisins equals one fruit serving or 1/5 of the recommended daily servings by CDC. California Gourmet organic Thompson seedless raisins are a great source of antioxidants. All California Gourmet organic Thompson seedless raisins passed USDA inspection. To promote environmental awareness, we use sustainable packaging with 100% recycled paperboard and soy-based inks. Our bag in a box packaging is entirely recyclable. California Gourmet organic Thompson seedless raisins are available in: .5oz (14g) (14 pieces bag), 1.5oz (42.5 g) (6 pack), 6oz (169.2 oz), 15 oz (425 g).

California Gourmet Thompson Seedless Raisins

From the moment we stepped into this manufacturing venture, we decided to go organic. We harvest our California Gourmet Thompson seedless raisins in the Fresno-Madera area, California Central Valley, the most world-renown area for raisin production. Thompson seedless raisins are widely recognized as the best variety for raisin-making. Uniquely favorable weather and soil conditions yield a first-rate product, which requires minimal processing. We pack our Thompson seedless California raisins short after harvesting, when they are freshest and at the peak of ripeness, to bring to your table the sweetest, most perfumed and soft raisins you can expect to taste. Enjoy them right out of the box or in your favorite recipes.Available in: red/yellow or green/yellow packaging, 1.5oz (6 pack), 7oz, 15oz bag in a box.