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California Gourmet Inc. launches farm-to-consumer web store for organic raisins, prunes, and honey.
Californiagourmet.us offers farm-to-consumer California-grown organic raisins, organic prunes, and honey produced following sustainable and health-conscious practices.
MADERA, June 14, 2013 – Ever thought of quitting your current job to follow your real passion? After over twenty years in international trading, in 2005, Steve Tabrizi decided to follow his dream, which led him to farm organic raisins in California, and to develop a web store: www.californiagourmet.us, which also sells organic prunes and local honey directly to consumers.

"I've always been health-conscious, and wanted to develop my own organic products," said Steve, "Becoming a parent was what finally got me going. I wanted to be with my family, present in my children's lives, not just by talking to them over the phone," Steve said, "As a trader, you travel nonstop." Steve scouted California to find the right spot to make his dream come true. In 2005, the opportunity presented itself. A vineyard in Madera, California Central Valley, was up for sale.

"Many raisins producers have been in this industry for generations," Steve said, "I had no experience. Initially, I didn't even know the difference between flood and drip irrigation. I networked, and I invested time learning all what I could about organic farming. I wanted to go organic from the beginning. It does make all the difference when you taste organic products," he said," and I firmly believe that the chemicals used in conventional farming accumulate in our body and promote diseases." Steve continues, "I'm lucky to have a great team that has been with me all along. Alone I would never have done it." Steve adds, "California Gourmet is steadily growing, and has become a recognized presence among the local companies. Now we are growing our structure to serve consumers directly. Besides our organic raisins production, we also source high quality orange blossom honey from our area, and organic prunes. We want to support CA-grown products and sustainable, health-conscious farming."

In 2005, Steve incorporated California Gourmet Inc. In 2008, after three years of "organic in transition" crops (farmed without pesticides, but not yet declared "organic" by C.C.O.F.), California Gourmet had its first organically certified crop, and now, its own web store as well. For more info visit: www.californiagourmet.us or contact admin@californiagourmet.us.

California Gourmet Inc. farms C.C.O.F.-certified Thompson seedless organic raisins in Madera, California Central Valley. Its mission is to support and promote CA-grown products, and to raise awareness in the general public about the benefits of organic farming practices for the environment and for end-consumers.

Monica Rosso
California Gourmet Inc.