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Steve TabriziHistory

We are an organic Thompson Seedless grape grower, who owns and operates two ranches in Madera, Central Valley, California. CCOF officially certified us as organic growers in June 2008, which means that we farm our fields only with CCOF-compliant products, following all organic regulations. Our venture started in 2005, when Steve N. Tabrizi, President & CEO of Pica Trade Co., Inc., after thirty years of success in conducting his international trading business with prominent chain stores in the U.S., took on a new challenge: starting his own farming and retail brand operation. Steve acquired the first California Gourmet, Inc. ranch in Madera, California, Central Valley, in 2005. The second ranch joined the ranks a few months later. Steve's background in engineering helped him master the fascinating, yet challenging, field of grape and raisin production, for which the Fresno-Madera area is world-known. 2006 saw the first big success of Steve's new enterprise: the first organic in transition crop of Thompson Seedless raisins. 2008 brought another success: the organic certification of ranch #1 through CCOF, followed by Ranch #2 in June 2009.


California Gourmet Inc. is concerned with promoting a healthy lifestyle when it comes to foods. We want to bring to your family and business a variety of natural, and whenever possible organic, food products, locally grown. California Central Valley offers the best climate and natural conditions for growing delicious fruits and vegetables. Our passion and commitment do the rest.
California Gourmet Inc. believes that the success of its organization depends not only on environmental factors, but especially on human ones. The mutual commitment and fairness in the relationship between employer and employees is the cornerstone of the success and constant growth of California Gourmet Inc. Fair wages, health benefits and, above all, recognition and appreciation of each person and their contribution to the success and growth of our Company are highlights of this relationship.